ABO Blood Group

  • ABO blood group system  discovered by Landsteiner
  •  Universal donor: O group
  • Universal recipient: AB group
  • An example of multiple allele
  • It consists of three alleles of a single gene IA, IB, Io., here ‘I’ stands for immunoglobulin
  • The ABO grouping is based on presence of two inherited blood cell antigens and two serum antibodies.
ABO blood group
Blood System
  • Individual who posses A group are found to have 'A 'antigen in their blood and 'anti B'  antibodies in the serum. Like wise, B group individuals posses B antigen in their blood and anti 'A 'antibodies in the serum.
  •  O type blood group lack A and B antigens but posses anti A and anti B antibodies in the serum. 
  • AB blood group  produce both the antigens but no antibodies.

Blood group

ABO Blood Group Questions & Answers

1.Type of genotype in individual having blood group B will be
a)  IA Io
 b) IB Io
c)  Io Io 
d)  IIB

Ans: IB Io

2. A mother of blood group O has a group O child, the father could be of blood type

a) A or B
b) AB only 
c) O only 
d) A or B or O

Ans: d
Mother: O blood group= Io Io

Child  : O blood group= Io Io

Blood group of father?
Here one allele Io comes from mother and the other from the father, ie. father can be IA Io, IB Io, Io Io

Ans: A or B or O

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