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A biology information site for everyone who love and wish to explore ‘the science of life’. Specifically, the site is meant for students pursuing higher studies in different streams of life science.

Here as a teacher, I would like to support and motivate you by telling you the different options you have as a biology student at the same time helping you to prepare for these exams in the most effective way. 

Key of Success

"Biology Exams 4 U" provides details on:
  • List of exams you can apply in different streams of Life Sciences
  • Syllabus at a glance.
  • Highlight of these exams.
  • How to prepare for these exams?
  • Simplified notes with key points
  • Biology Practice Tests and Quizzes (Quizbiology.com)
  • Comparison Sites (Major Differences.com
  • Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ BIOLOGY.COM)
  • Biology Youtube Channel (biologyexams4u)
  • Learning Plant Science (Plantscience4u.com) 
  • Medical Entrance Exam Questions and Answers (NEET Biology)
  • Biology PPTs (PowerPoint Presentations)
  • Solved previous question papers with explanation.
  • Important books and websites to refer
  • Life Science Career Guidance and more........
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