Difference between Plant cell and Animal cell (15 Differences) | Plant Cell vs Animal Cell

Difference between Plant cell and Animal cell (15 Differences)

Plant cell vs Animal cell

Plant Cell
Animal Cell


A plant cell is usually larger in size.

An animal cell is comparatively smaller in size.

Plant cell
Plant Cell
It is enclosed by a rigid cellulose cell wall in addition to plasma membrane.
Animal Cell

It is enclosed by a thin, flexible plasma membrane only.

It cannot change its shape.
An animal cell can often change its shape.

Plastids are present. Plant cells exposed to sunlight contain chloroplast.

Plastids are usually absent.

A mature plant cell contains a large central vacuole.
An animal cell often possesses many small vacuoles.

Nucleus lies on one side in the peripheral cytoplasm.
Nucleus usually lies in the centre.

Centrioles are usually absent except in motile cells of lower plants.
Centrioles are practically present in animal cells

Lysosomes are absent.

Lysosomes  are always present in animal cells.

Glyoxysomes may be present.
They are absent.

Tight junctions and desmosomes are lacking.

Plasmodesmata is present.
Tight junctions, gap junctions and desmosomes are present between cells.

Plasmodesmata are usually absent.


Reserve food is generally in the form of starch.

Reserve food is usually glycogen.


Plant cell synthesize all amino acids, coenzymes, and vitamins required by them.

Animal cell cannot synthesize all the amino acids, coenzymes and vitamins required by them.


Spindles formed during cell divisions in anastral i.e. without asters at opposite poles.

Spindle formed during cell division is amphiastral i.e. has an aster at each pole.

Cytokinesis occurs by cell plate method.
Cytokinesis occurs by construction or furrowing.


Plant cell does not burst if placed in hypotonic solution due to the presence of the cell wall.

Animal cell lacking contractile vacuoles and cell wall usually burst, if placed in hypotonic solution.
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