High Yielding Facts for ARS NET Examination

1. Which GM crop occupies largest area in world
  • Soyabean
2.Total agro-climatic zones in India
  • 15
3.Total agro-ecological  regions in India
  • 8
4.Optimum forest area required
  • 33% of geographical area
5. Instruments used to measure atmospheric pressure
  • Barometer
6. Dominant soil group in India
  • Alluvial 
7.  Sedimentary rocks
  • Dolomite, Lime stone & Sand Stone
8. Metamorphic rocks
  • Quartzite, Slate & Gneiss Marble
9.  Igneous rocks
  • Granite, Basalt & Syenite
10. Kharif crop
  • Rice, Millets (Bajra &Jowar)
  • Kharif  season:June-October
11. Rabi crop
  •   Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Gram & Peas
  • Rabi season:November-February
12. Farmer's day (Kisan Divas)
  • December 23
13. The Precursor of Vitamin A is
14. Miracle rice
  • IR-8 is the cultivar of rice
15. Global Warming is caused due to
  • CO2, CFCs and CH4 gases
16. The Student T-test was discovered by
  • W.S.Gosset
17. HD-2285 is a variety of 
  • Wheat
18. Pectin rich fruit is
  • Guava
19. Anti- sterility vitamin is
20. Father of Pedology (Soil Science)
  • Dokuchaev
21 . Dwarfing gene of rice
  • Dee-gee-woo-gene
22. ANOVA table stands for 
  • analysis of variance
23. Which type of water is most available to plants?
  • Capillary water
24. Lab to Land Programme started in the year of 
  • 1979 
25. NABARD was established on 
  • 12 July,1982
26. International Day for Biological Diversity is
  • 22 May
27. Law of Tolerance was introduced by
  • Shelford
28. National Biodiversity board is situated in
  • New Delhi
29.Beaufort Scale is used to measure
  • Wind Pressure
30. Food Corporation of India was established in 
  • 1965
31. Piezometer is used for
  • Measure the depth of water table
32. Ethephon
  • 2-Chloroethyl phosphonic acid
33.Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by
  • Dr.N.E.Borlaug (father of Green revolution)
  • Dr.M.S.Swaminathan (father of Indian Green revolution)
34. One bale of Cotton is 
  • 170kg 
35. Which Pulse crop doesn't fix nitrogen from atmosphere?
  • Rajma
36.Which Indian Scientist shared the World Food Prize for miracle Maize?
  • Dr. Sruinder K. Vasal
37.World first super rice variety for saline/alkaline soil:
  • Lunishree
38. Khaira disease in rice occurs due to the deficiency of 
  • Zinc
39.Maximum oil seed crop produced in India
  • Groundnut
40. Pungency of mustard is due to
  • Isothiocyanate
41. Queen of Spices is
  • Cardamom
  • King of spices: pepper
42. The King of Fruits is
  • Mango
  • King of temperate fruits: Apple
  • Queen of beverage fruit: Tea
  • King of arid fruit: Ber
  • Study of fruits: Pomology 
  • Father of systemic pomology: De Condolle
43. World Food Prize 2011 awarded to
    a) Smith and Adkisson
                b) Lobato, McClung, Paolinelli
                c) Dr. Mo nkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan
                d) John Agyekum Kufuor & Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
                e) David Beckmann & Jo Luck

Ans:John Agyekum Kufuor & Luiz Inácio Lula da SilvaFirst world food prize
    • Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan received the first World Food Prize in 1987 for spearheading the introduction of high-yielding wheat and rice varieties to India’s farmers.
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