Plant Hormone Cytokinins: Major Functions

  • Natural- Zeatin and di-phenyl urea
  • Dihydrozeatin (DHZ) is a naturally occuring cytokinin 
  •  Sythetic –kinetin
  • Coconut milk is rich in cytokinins
Synthesis : Aminopurine derivatives
Major effects
  •     Cell division
  •     Cell elongation
  •     Speed up chloroplast maturation
  •     Cytokinins auxin ratio for rooting and shooting in tissue culture

Auxin:Cytokinin Ratio
Auxin:Cytokinin Ratio
  •     Overcome apical dominance exerted by auxin
  •      Delay senescence and  increase shelf life
  •      Helps to mobilize solutes and other nutrients

What are pomalins?  A combination of cytokinins and gibberrillin is effective in increasing apple size

Major site of production: root apical meristem
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