Solved ICAR ARS NET Questions on Plant Pathology

 1. Little leaf of Citrus is caused by
  • Zinc (Zn) deficiency
2. Die back of shoots occur due to the deficiency of
  • Copper(Cu)
  • other important deficiency symptom: reclamation disease in cereals and leguminous crops
3.Very dangerous disease of sugarcane is
  • Red rot (causative organism: Colletotrichum falcatum)
4.Phyllody disease in Til is caused by
  • Mycoplasma
5. Bunchy top of banana is caused by 
  • Virus
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6.Heart  rot of sugarbeet is caused by the deficiency of
  • Boron
7. Top sickness of tabacco is due to the deficiency of 
  • Boron
8. Club rot of cauliflower is caused by
  • Plasmodiosphora brassicae
9. Late blight of potato is potato is caused by
  • Late blight of potato: Phytopthora infestans (reason for potato famine)
  • Early blight of potato:  Alternaria solani
  • Black scurf of potato: Rhizoctonia solani
  • Wart diseases of potato: Synchytrium endobioticum 
10. Akiochi disease is due to
  • Sulphur toxicity
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11. Whiptail in cauliflower is due to the deficiency of 
  • Molybdenum
12. Ufra disease in rice is caused by
  • Nematode (Ditylenchus sp)
13. Mantek disease of rice is caused by
  • Rice root nematode
14. Exanthema in citrus is due to 
  • Deficiency of Copper
15. The Pahala blight of sugarcane is due to the deficiency of 
  • Maganese(Mn)
 16.Wart disease of Potato is caused by 
  • Synchitrien endobioticum
17. Iris famine in 1844,was caused due to
  • Phytophothora infestans (Late Blight of potato)
18. White rust of cruifers is caused by
  • Albugo candida, fungi
19. White rust of crucifers caused Albugo candida  belongs to class
  • Oomycetes
20. The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is
  • Plasmosphora viticola
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