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The 5'cap of RNA is required for the ?

    A) stability of RNA only
    B) transport of RNA only
    C) stability and transport of RNA
    D) methylation of RNA only
    E) none of these
 Ans: C) stability and transport of RNA

              5' capping: A key step in RNA processing
    • After transcription, the phosphate group at the 5' end is removed and replaced by a guanine  residue by guanosyl transferase and further methylated to form 7-methyl guanosine cap (m7G).
    • 5' cap protects the 5' end of mRNA against ribonuclease degradation and also functions in protein synthesis initiation.
    • This stabilizes pre -mRNA and is important for the stability of mature mRNA. It also important in binding to the nuclear matrix and transport of mRNA out of the nucleus.
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