How to Appear for Biology Exams?

At the exam hall: And finally you are there. Remember your mind set, your attitude can do miracles on any day.

Day before your exam  day,
Don’t overfill with new contents as that will force you up than giving relief. Go through what you feel essential. Don’t venture into new untouched areas of the syllabus. Just leave it and expect nothing will come up from that portion. Take all things organised for your tomorrow’s exam. Don’t forget to take even the eraser.  Have good food go to bed as early as possible. Don’t stay long at night.  Pray well and Have a good sleep and hope tomorrow is your day.

On the exam day, get up early and move out, feel the fresh air, pray well, Keep a clear, calm mind. Feel easy, relaxed, cool and composed.
exam hall
Reach the hall in time. Don’t let any unwanted pressure to creep into, when you have everything set for you.

 Take time to settle yourself. Pray well. Fill what all things needed in the exam sheet as required.
Just make a quick glance through the question paper. Move through the questions quickly. You may not be familiar with many questions, don’t worry, your page is yet to come.  Better start with some questions you are familiar with. Take one at a time. Read and reread the question carefully. Remember, in most exams we may have a tendency to pick one of the options at first glance or all on a sudden. But scrutinize further, before making as the final choice as most often that may not be the right answer.
Let us move into the question paper

Suppose If the question paper has sections like A, B, C
Then generally; part A:  general easy questions
Part B: medium in depth questions from the topic
Part C: really tough question, each right answer is a great stride towards your dream.
Here time allotted to each question (each section) is very important. Part A: less time
Part B: requires more time thorough understanding of the question
Part C: here you have to use your brain, take time before picking an answer.
We will be discussing different types of questions in a MCQ preparation tips later.
Now we are on the fray. Each right answer will be a real boost for attending the next question. Similarly at times we may find array of questions which we had no clue at all. Don’t worry this is just the part and parcel of an exam. Everyone feels the same. Move ahead to your questions where you could answer and you could be able to justify the selection.
Always take time into consideration.

After writing your first round of moving through all questions, move quickly to the second round where you could get some more questions. Most often you may not have time to have a third round and that is it. Remember in majority of competitive exams in biology, approximately 50% of questions are extremely difficult. Each correct answer is a big step towards your dream. But negative marking for wrong answer is a real problem and most often these marks will take your register number from the pass list. Take extreme care to avoid negative marks. I think never attempt if you don’t have a 50:50 chance in the options. Let us take an example:
Which of the following microorganism extensively utilized in organic farming?
         a) Rhizopus
         b) Trichoderma viridae

         c) Mucor
         d) Fusarium
    Here I don’t have a right answer intact. From my memory, I am sure that Rhizopus and  mucor, both are common bread moulds and now I have 50:50 option. I could choose Trichoderma viridae or Fusarium. Now my memory tells me Fusarium is an obligate parasite
belong  to class Deuteromycetes. Now I have to pick Trichoderma and is the right answer that I reached after a long mind calculations.   That is how thing works. That is how you should link points in your memory to pick the right one.
Attempt a question only if you have at least 50:50 chance in the options. Blind guess won’t work often.
DON’T attempt unsure questions, if there is negative marks for wrong answers.
 Success is just on your side. Believe in yourself, your knowledge, your subject and work it out. After this long, hectic preparation you are a master in your subject and think freely and link question keywords, draw pictures in your mind with options and you will find the right answer and you should feel the comfort to move forward.  
Wishing the very best 
Happy learning  


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