ARS-NET Previous Questions - General Agriculture

1.  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture is situated at
a) Japan
b) Nigeria
c) Syria
d) India
2. The propagation method “layering” is mainly done in
a) Sweet orange
b) Mango
c) Lemon
d) Banana
3. The largest living animal on the earth is
a) Lion
b) Elephant
c) Blue Whale
d) Buffalo

4. Which group of plants has maximum water use efficiency?
a) C3
b) C4
c) CAM
d) None
5. The longest phase in Mitosis is
a) Prophase
b) Telophase
c) Metaphase
d) Anaphase

6. The unsaturated fatty acids is determined by
a) Iodine number
b) Saponification between
c) Both
d) None

7. The fast growing tree species is
a) Neem
c) Eucalyptus
d) Banyan

8. Ozone layer in the atmosphere absorbs
a) Ultraviolet radiation
b) Infra red radiations
c) Total solar radiations
d) All of these

9. Fruits are generally ___ in nature
a) Acidic
b) Alkaline
c) neutral
d) None

10. The casparian strips is present in 

The Casparian strip.
a) Cortex
b) Endodermis
c) Root hair
d) Epidermis

11. The green house effect is cause due to
a) Depletion of ozone layer
b) Increase in CO2 in the atmosphere
c) Incoming UV rays on the earth
d) Absorption of outgoing long wave radiation

12. Biochemical found in fish, which is responsible for cardiovascular disease
a) Trimethylamine
b) Omega 3 fatty acids
c) Polyunsaturated fatty acids
d) Incoming UV rays on the earth

13. Freezing point depression of a chemical solution is measured by
a) Osmometer
b) Viscometer
c) Calorimeter
d) None of these
14. The sex linked genes are found on the
a) Z-chromosome
b) X-chromosome
c) S-chromosome
d) B-chromosomes

15. Which one of the following is not a fish?
a)  Silver fish
b) Milk fish
c) Bombay Duck
d) Dog fish

  1. Nigeria
  2. Lemon
  3. Blue Whale
  4. CAM
  5. Prophase
  6. Iodine number
  7. Eucalyptus
  8. Ultraviolet Radiations
  9. Acidic
  10. Endodermis
  11. Increase in CO2 in the atmosphere
  12. Omega 3 fatty acids
  13. Osmometer
  14. X-chromosome
  15. Silver fish
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