Difference between anabolism and catabolism

All the chemical reactions going on inside the living organisms are collectively called metabolism. There are about 5000 types of chemical compounds inside the cell which show much more variety of chemical reactions. Metabolic reactions are divided into two categories anabolism and catabolism. Nature’s prime balancing and life supporting system operates between photosynthesis (anabolism) and respiration (catabolism).

Photosynthesis and Respiration
Photosynthesis and Respiration

  • It includes constructive or building up processes.
  • Energy is used and stored as potential energy.
  • Examples: Photosynthesis in plants, Assimilation in animals
Photosynthesis formula

  • It includes destructive or breakdown process.
  • Energy is released as kinetic energy
  • Examples: Cell Respiration, Digestion , Excretion
C6H12O+ 6O2-> 6CO+ 6H2O
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