An Overview of Cell Junctions : Cellular Communications

Cells and the mass of other cells clustered around  them form long lasting or permanent connections with each other  called cell  junctions.Cells attach to one another using cell junctions.
Plasma membrane areas specialised to provide contact between cells
  • Dense clusters of cell adhesion molecules on the outside
  • linked to cytoskeleton on the inside
  • through adaptor proteins

    Cell Junctions Types
    classification of cell junctions
    I. Based on localization
    A.Between cells
    B. Between cells and Matrix
    II. Based on Function
    A. Adhering junctions
    • Tight junctions
    • Adherens junctions and desmosomes
    • Hemidesmosomes
    B. Communicating Junctions
    • Gap Junctions
    cell junctions summary
    Cell junctions and their functions
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