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1. Red light promotes the synthesis
a) Xanthophyll
b) Chlorophyll
c) Anthocyanins
d) Carotenoids
2.   An example of plant growth hormone is
a) Morphactin
b) Zeatin
c) IBA
d) Paclobutrazol
3. The enzyme which is responsible for softening of several types of fruits is
a) Polopolysulphonase
b) Catalase
c) Polyhydrase
d) Polygalacturonase
4.  Apple variety indigenous to Kashmir and popular in the region
a) Rome beauty
b) Ambri
c) Baldwin
d)  Red delious
5.  In arecanut  for processing of kalipak, nuts are harvested when they are – months old
a) 4-5
b) 6-7
c) 7-9
d) 9-11
6.  The chemical used for induction of flowering mango in Philippines is
a) KNO3
b) Thiourea
c)  Cycocel
d)  Ethrel
7. Cashew apple is the psuedofruit developed from
a)  Ovary
b)  Peduncle
c)  Enlarged style
d)  Parthenocarpically developed fruit
8. Quince is suitable root stock for
a) Apple
b)  Sapota
c)  Cherry
d)  Pear
9. The impeded inflorescence or bunch development in banana is referred to as
a) Chocking
b)  Premature bunching
c)  Splitting
d) Abortion
10.  Patch budding is generally practiced in 
a) Guava
b) Sapota
c) Ber
d) Aonla
11. Defective broken bits of coffee seed is known as
a) Blacks
b)  wastage
c) splits
d) Triage
12.  The litchi seed loose their viability after removal from within a period of
a) Six months
b) Two months
c)  one month
d)  one week
13.  Kalipatti is popular variety of
a) Guava
b)  Pomegranate
c) Sapota
d)  Grape
14.  Nectarines are group of peaches in which the fruit has
a) No fuzzy skin
b)  Waxy skin
c) Fuzzy skin
d)  None of these
15. Removal of male bud in banana is technically called as
a)  Tipping
b)  Dis budding
c)  Threshing
d)  Denovelling
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1. b) Chlorophyll
2. c) IBA
3. d) Polygalacturonase
4. b) Ambri
5. c) 7-9
6. a) KNO3
7. b) Peduncle
8. b) Sapota
9. a) Chocking
10. d) Aonla
11. d) Triage
12. d) one week
13. c) Sapota
14. c) Fuzzy skin
15. d) Denovelling


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