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GATE Microbiology Previous Questions

11. A microbial specimen will appear in varying degrees of darkness when examined under gate - Copy
a) bright-field microscope
b) dark- field microscope
c) electron microscope
d) Phase –contrast microscope
12. Which of the following organelles specifies in the synthesis and transport of lipids and membrane proteins?
a) ER
b) Lysosomes
c) Golgibodies
d) Peroxisomes
13.  With respect to which  of the following features do archae bacteria resemble eukaryotes? 
a) Membrane enclosed nucleus
b) types of ribosomes
c) cell wall
d) Initiator tRNA
14.The cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cells contains a network of fibrous proteins called cytoskeleton. Which of the following protein filaments is not a part of the cytoskeleton?
a) Microtubules
b) Myosin filaments
c) intermediate filaments 
d) actin microfilaments
15. During cell cycle , the interval between the completion of mitosis and the beginning of DNA synthesis is called the
a) G1 phase
b) S phase
c) G2 phase
d) T phase
16.  The basis for the blocking action of the alkaloid colchicine on cell division is
a) to block chromosome condensation
b) to block daughter  cell formation
c) to bind tubulin
d) to allow only spindle formation but retard the movement of chromosome
17.  Which of the following statements about the movement of chromosome
a) An organelle is any sub-cellular entity that catalyses requisite chemical reactions
b) An organelle encloses and separates specific regions from the rest of the cytoplasm
c) An organelle is any sub cellular entity that can be isolated by centrifugation at a high speed
d) The specificity of the organelle resides in the organelle’s membranes
18.  RNA polymearse H is responsible for the synthesis of
a) r RNA precursors
b) t RNA precursors
c) m RNA precursors
d) 5s rRNA and tRNA precursors
19. The type of immunity that develops after an individual is infected with anthrax causing  bacterium , Bacillus anthracis, is 
a) passive immunity
b) active immunity
c) innate immunity 
d) individual immunity
20. Which of the cells phagocytize and process antigens?
a) Macrophages
b) B- lymphocytes
c) T-lymphocytes
d) Plasma cells
21. Syntrophism is the microbial association in which
a) the organism utilize nutrients contained in the medium
b)  the organism utilize  nutrients made through photosynthesis
c) the organism utilize insoluble substrates
d) the organism crossfeed on nutrients synthesised and released by the other organism
22.  Which of the following statements about cyclic photophosphorylation is not correct
a) it does not lead to the synthesis of NADPH
b) It uses electrons supplied by the photosystem H
c) It does not generate oxygen
d) It leads to the pumping of protons via cytochrome bf complex
23. The heat sensitive components of
a) moist heat
b) radiation
c) dry heat
d) membrane filtration
24. A merozygote resulting from  recombination of two E.coli lac mutants produced half maximal level of Beta-galactoside  without the inducer and maximum level of beta-galactosidase with inducer. The genotype of the merozygote is
a) O-I-Z-/O+I-Z+
b) O-I-Z-/O+I+Z+
c) O+I+Z+/O-I-Z-
d) O+I+Z+/O+I-Z-
25.   A mutant of E.coli was isolated that synthesised greater than normal levels of tryptophan synthesising enzymes in the absence of tryptophan . It was found that to make normal trp repressor and also had normal trp operator. Which of the following mutations might result in the observed phenotype?
a) deletion in the trp promoter
b) deletion just after the promoter-operator region
c) deletion just before the coding sequences for the trp enzymes
d) deletion in the rho independent transcription transcription termination signal
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11.c) electron microscope
12.c) Golgibodies
13.d) Initiator tRNA
14.b) Myosin filaments
15.d) T phase
16.d) to allow only spindle formation but retard the movement of chromosome
17.d) The specificity of the organelle resides in the organelle’s membranes
18.c) m RNA precursors
19.b) active immunity
20.a) Macrophages
21.d) the organism crossfeed on nutrients synthesised and released by the other organism
22.b) It uses electrons supplied by the photosystem H
23.d) membrane filtration
24.b) O-I-Z-/O+I+Z+
25.a) deletion in the trp promoter
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