Cell wall synthesis Inhibitors

  • Inhibits formation of the bacterial cell wall by blocking cross linking of the cell wall structure. The cell wall is a needed protective casing for the bacterial cell. Inhibits transpeptidase enzymes. Activates lytic enzymes of cell wall. The affected bacterium will eventually lyse because the unsupported cell wall cannot withstand its growth.
  • Similar to pencillins in their mode of action but they treat a broader range of bacterial infections. They have structural similarities to pencillins and many people with allergies to pencillins also have allergic reactions to cephalosporins.
  • Inhibits cell wall production by blocking the step in the process (recycling of the membranes lipid carrier which is needed to add on new cell wall subunits.
  • Inhibits transpeptidation enzymes. Activates lytic enzymes of cell wall.
  • Inhibits transpeptidation in cross-linking peptidoglycans. Interferes with  bacterial cells at many levels, disrupting cell wall synthesis, interfering with RNA, and damaging the plasma membrane.
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