Difference Between Passive and Active Immunity (Passive Immunity vs Active Immunity)

Active immunity
1. Direct contact with pathogen or its antigen is required
2. A time period is required for immunity development
3. Antibodies are produced within the body in response to pathogen or antigen.
4. It lasts for a long period
5. Immunologic memory may result in life long immunity
6. Not much side effects
active and passive immunity
Active and Passive Immunity
 Difference Between: Active vs Passive Immunity
 Passive immunity
1. No direct contact with antigen is required. Antibodies are directly injected from outside.
2. Immunity develops immediately.
3. Antibodies are injected into the body are obtained from outside.
4. It lasts for a few days.
5. Only for few days
6. At times body reacts to the introduced antisera. The condition is called serum sickness.

Practice Questions:
1. Immunity obtained through colostrum is 
a) Natural active Immunity
b) Natural passive Immunity
c) Artificial passive immunity
d) Artificial active
Answer: b) Natural passive Immunity

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