Difference between Fatty acid synthesis and Fatty acid oxidation

Fatty acid synthesis involves the condensation of two carbon units in the form of acetyl CoA to form long hydrocarbon chains in a series of reactions
Fatty acid oxidation or breakdown involves the oxidation of long chain fatty acids with the production of energy in the form of ATP
Fatty acid synthesis:
1. Occurs in the cytosol of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
2. Fatty acids are covalently linked to ACP
3. NADPH is the reductant
4. Fatty acid synthase is the enzyme involved
fatty acid synthesis
Fatty acid oxidation/ Breakdown or β-oxidation:
fatty acid oxidation pathway
1. Occurs in mitochondria of eukaryotes
2. Fatty acids are linked to CoA during degradation
3. NADH is the reductant
4. Many enzymes are present
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