DBT BET JRF Previous Questions and Answers (2009)

DBT BET quetions 76. A C-terminal KDEL motif will most often ensure
(A) the protein to be folded by hsc70
(B) the protein to be degraded by the ubiquitinproteasome pathway
(C) secretion of the protein
(D) ER-retention of the protein
77. 5-Methylcytosines are common sites for mutations because they
(A) are not recognized by the proofreading activity ofDNA polymerase
(B) can mispair with adenine
(C) can deaminate to thymidine
(D) prevent discrimination between the daughter and parental strand
78. Turner’s syndrome is due to
(C) XO
79. Mitochondria are involved in the following except
(A) ATP production
(B) Glycosylation
(C) Fatty acid biosynthesis
(D) TCA cycle
80. Mycoplasma are bacterial cells that
(A) fail to reproduce in artificial media
(B) have a rigid cell wall
(C) are resistant to penicillin
(D) stain well with Gram’s stain
81. The technique for identifying the nucleic acid sequences bound by a DNA/RNA binding protein is
(A) Finger printing
(B) Foot printing
(C) Array printing
82. Which of the following is a molecular chaperone ?
(A) Dna G
(B) Dna A
(C) Lysozyme
(D) Dna K
83. An enzyme that induces double strand breaks in DNA and rejoins them is called
(A) Restriction endonuclease
(B) DNA gyrase
(C) DNA ligase
(D) DNA polymerase
84. Which of the following statements is true concerning Natural Killer (NK) cells?
(A) They belong to T-cell lineage
(B) They belong to B-cell lineage
(C) They kill bacterially infected cells
(D) They display cytotoxic effect on tumor cells
85. The E-value in a BLAST search measures
(A) the probability that the search result is non-random
(B) the significance of the search result
(C) the probability that the search result is obtained randomly
(D) the reliability of the search
86. Which of the following ionizes at physiological pH?
(A) glycine
(B) alanine
(C) histidine
(D) purine
87. A peptide bond
(A) has a partial double bond character
(B) is stable in strong acids
(C) occurs most commonly in cis configuration
(D) is cleaved by agents that denature proteins, such as organic solvents and high concentrations of urea.
88. If you want literature information, which is the best website to visit?
(B) Entrez
(C) PubMed
89. The complete denaturation of a protein leads to a loss of the following structure(s):
(A) primary
(B) primary and tertiary
(C) primary and secondary
(D) secondary and tertiary
90. HeLa cell line is derived from which type of carcinoma?
(A) lung
(B) colon
(C) cervical
(D) brain
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76. (D) ER-retention of the protein
77. (C) can deaminate to thymidine
78. (C) XO
79. (B) Glycosylation
80. (C) are resistant to penicillin
81. (B) Foot printing
82. (D) Dna K
83. (A) Restriction endonuclease
84. (D) They display cytotoxic effect on tumor cells
85. (C) the probability that the search result is obtained randomly
86. (C) histidine
87. (A) has a partial double bond character
88. (C) PubMed
89.(D) secondary and tertiary
90.(C) cervical
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