Pedigree chart X linked Dominant Disorders

Characteristics of Sex linked Dominant Disorder:
  • Both  males and females are affected; often more females than males are affected.
  • Does not skip generations.
  • Affected sons must have an affected mother; affected daughters must have either an affected mother or an affected father.
  • Affected fathers will pass the trait on to all their daughters.
  • Affected mothers (if heterozygous) will pass the trait on 1/2 of their sons and 1/2 of their daughters.
Example of Sex linked Dominant Disorder:
a) Here both males and females are affected and the typical example is X linked hypophosphotemic rickets.
pedigree chart Sex linked dominant disorder
b) Manifested only in females and is lethal in utero in males.

pedigree chart sex linked dominant disorder -Lethality in males
Examples include incontinenta pigmenti, focal dermal hypoplasia, and orofaciodigital syndrome.

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