Databases and Different types of Biological Databases

Definition:  A collection of related data arranged in a way suitable for adding, locating, removing and modifying the data
The database which store biological data is called biological database Eg: nucleotide sequence database
• Stored as text files-flat file data base
• As tables- relational data bases
• Object oriented database

Bio informatics tools developed based on 3 central processes
• DNA sequence which determines protein sequence
• Protein sequence which determines protein structure
• Protein structure which determines protein function
All the data derived from the above processes represent biological data.
Central dogma
These are the biological data types
  • nucleotide sequences
  • gene level or expression data
  • protein sequences
  • proteins sequence patterns or motifs
  • macromolecular 3D structure
  • metabolic pathways
Different types of Biological Databases
different types of Biological Databases

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