ICAR ARS NET Multiple Choice Questions on Horticulture - Horticulture crop varieties

1. Kallipatti is a popular variety
a) Sapota
b) Guava
c) Pepper

2. Prathibha is a variety of
a) Ginger
b) Turmeric
c) Pepper
d) Cardamom

3. Rhizome rot resistant variety of Cardamom is
a) IISR Vijetha
b) IISR Avinash
c) IISR Viswashree
d) ICR-1
4.  Akra Vikram is a variety of
a) Cowpea
b) Ridge gourd
c) French bean
d) rose

5. The hybrid variety of oilplam is
a) Dura
b) Tenera
c) Pisifera
d) none of these

6. Coconut cultivar suitable for cultivation in root wilt affected areas is
a) Chandrasankara
b) Kalparaksha
c) both
d) none of these

7. Umran is a variety of
a) Fig
b) Ber
c) Dates
d) Avocado

8. Pepper variety which is shade tolerant is
a) Panniyur 1
b) Panniyur 2
c) Panniyur 3
d)None of these

9. The ultra dwarf rootstock of apple is
a) M -13
b) M-27
c) M-104

10. Synthetic tetraploid variety of Banana is
a)Bodles Altafort
b)Klue Teparod
c) Pisang Lilin
d)Dwarf Cavendish
1. a) Sapota
2. b) Turmeric
3. b) IISR Avinash
4. b) Ridge gourd
5. b) Tenera
6. c) both
7. b) Ber
8. b) Panniyur 2
9. b) M-27
10. a)Bodles Altafort

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