Biotechnology Practice Test - Mock test on Genetic Engineering and Recombinant DNA technology

biotechnology mock test

1. The process which can be used to bring two genetically different cells together for common desirable characters?
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Protoplast fusion
None of these
2. The Biolistic PDS 1000 is an
antibiotics drug
instrument used to transfer DNA to cell
important cell fusion techique
gene therapy operation technique
3. Maximum UV absorbance takes place at
250 nm
260 nm
270 nm
300 nm
4. Purines and Pyrimidines are cleaved by
Dimethyl sulphate
Dimethyl sulphate and Hydrazine respectively
5. DNA staining is done by
Crystal violet
Gemsa staining
Methylene blue
Fulgen staining
6. Isoelectric focussing method works on the principle of
Number of amino acids
coagulation capacity of protein molecules
Mass of the protein molecules
Electrophoretic separation based on relative content of acidic and basic residues
7. Precipitin reaction occures when
Antigen coagulates in the living system
Antibodies gets coagulated
Antigen and Antibody meet
Antigen and antibodies lose their function
8. DNA sequencing is done by
Maxam Gilbert
Sanger dideoxy method
Both Maxam Gilbert and Sanger dideoxy method
none of these
9. The enzyme used in footprinting technique?
RNA polymerase
DNA ligase
DNA polymerase
10. DNA polymerase II used in PCR is concerned with
Initiation of DNA synthesis
Termination of DNA synthesis
Inhibition of Tag polymerase
Proof reading of DNA synthesized by Tag polymerase
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