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Climate: the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
A number of factors affect and alter the climate.
It may be natural and anthropogenic(man made)
Causes and Effect of Climate Change
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Causes of climate change:
The quantum of solar energy reaching the earth.
Increasing concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere.
Snow, ice and glaciers which reflect solar radiation back to the atmosphere.

•Ocean currents which play a significant role in heating the earth.
• Volcanic eruptions which can directly influence the  temperature and climate of the earth

Effects of climate change:
        1.Increasing heat stress
2.Abnormal changes in the pattern of rainfall which may result in drought.
3.Depletion of freshwater
4.Melting of polar ice caps and mountain glaciers
5.Rise in  sea level, submergence of coastal lands and islands.
6.Loss of natural habitats and biodiversity.
7. The climate changes which result in tsunamies, El Ninos, cyclones and storms have become increasingly higher.

•  Undesirable change in physical, chemical and  biological characteristics of air, water and soil which may cause any harm to man and other living organisms of the environment is known as pollution.
• Various types of pollution occur on earth which includes water, air, soil, noise and radioactive pollution. These pollutants lead to global environmental changes like green house effect, global warming, acid rain, ozone layer depletion etc.
(El-Nino: It is warm water current in the pacific that periodically flows southwards along the coasts of Eduador. It causes a chin of climatic changes and often induces great storms. )

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