Handshake Problem Simple Formula and Practice Problem

"Hand Shake Problem" is a very common question in many competitive exams such as CSIR in the Aptitude part questions. Here we are discussing a simple formula for answering this question.
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Practice Problems
1. In a group of 11 persons, each shakes hand with every other once and only once. What is the total number of such handshakes? (CSIR DEC, 2018)
This is the formula

Handshake Problem Simple Formula

Answer: Total No of hand shakes (T)= n(n-1)/2
                                No of persons n=11
N=11 (11-1)/2
Answer: 55 handshakes

2. If there are 10 football teams in a tournament, how many games must be played in order for each team to play every other team exactly once? (same pattern question in a different context)
Answer: No of games= n(n-1)/2
N=10 (10-1)/2
=10x9/2=90/2=45 games
Use this formula for answering any questions of this pattern
Thank you so much and best wishes for your exam

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