HSST Zoology 2018 PYQ - Questions and Answers 51-100


HSST Zoology 2018 PYQ - Questions and Answers 51-100

51. TH cells generally recognise antigen combined with

A) Class I MHC molecules

B) Immunosuppressant

C) Class II MHC molecules

D) None of the above

Ans: C) Class II MHC molecules



52. Which one of the following is considered as a third generation vaccines ?

A) Recombinant microbial vaccines

B) DNA vaccines

C) Conjugate vaccines

D) Killed vaccines

Ans: B) DNA vaccines



53. Addition of microbes to enhance health benefits is

A) Probiotics B) Humulin C) Prebiotics D) None of the above

Ans: A) Probiotics


54. The square root of the average will be equal to the squares of the individual observation

from their arithmetic mean

A) Standard error

B) Chi-square test

C) Standard deviation

D) Variance

Ans: C) Standard deviation


55. A group of distinct organism classified and assigned to a definite category.

A) Species B) Taxon C) Category D) Genus

Ans: B) Taxon


56. The marginal zone of a pond merging with the surrounding land is an example of

A) Biome B) Edge effect C) Biota D) Ecotone

Ans: D) Ecotone


57. Gulf of mannar is a

A) Protected area B) Biosphere reserve C) National park D) Sanctuaries

Ans: B) Biosphere reserve


58. Lion-tailed macaque is considered as

A) Endangered species

B) Vulnerable species

C) Rare species

D) Extinct species

Ans: A) Endangered species



59. Populations reproductively isolated and live in different habitat but occupy same territory

are known as

A) Ethological isolation

B) Temporal isolation

C) Ecological isolation

D) Morphological isolation

Ans: C) Ecological isolation



60. The animals tend to develop huge size and birds lose the power of flight and bright

colour in those Islands

A) Galapagos Islands

B) Oceanic Islands

C) Ancient Islands

D) Continental Islands

Ans: B) Oceanic Islands



61. If, DNA is found to have the base composition of A = 40, T = 22, C = 17 and G = 21 then

the DNA will be

A) Double stranded

B) Single stranded

C) Linear duplex

D) Circular duplex

Ans: B) Single stranded



62. Methylation of DNA most commonly occurs in the sequence of

A) Cp T B) Cp C C) Cp A D) Cp G

Ans: D) Cp G


63. The example of inducible operon is

A) lac-operon B) try-operon C) arginine operon D) TRP operon

Ans: A) lac-operon


64. In 2017, the discovery of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm, won

Nobel prize for

A) Rainer, Barry and Kip

B) Jacques, Joachim and Richard

C) Jeffrey, Michael and Michael

D) None of the above

Ans: C) Jeffrey, Michael and Michael



65. Sickle cell anaemia is caused by the substitution of

A) Glutamic acid at the 5th position in β  chain of Hb by Valine

B) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β  chain of Hb by Arginine

C) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β  chain of Hb by Alanine

D) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β chain of Hb by Valine
Ans: D) Glutamic acid at the 6th position in β chain of Hb by Valine


66. The RNA polymerase recognize a seven-base sequence on the promoter region called

A) Pribnow box B) Operons C) TATA box D) Enhancers

Ans: C) TATA box


67. During pregnancy intake of certain medicines causes foetal toxicity like hyperkalemia

and hypertension.

A) Thalidomide B) ACEI C) Valproic acid D) 13-cis Accutane

Ans: B) ACEI


68. Amnion is the foetal membrane developed from

A) Somatopleure

B) Chorionic cavity

C) Chorionic villi

D) Amniotic cavity

Ans: A) Somatopleure



69. Automicticdiplosis occurs in

A) Hymenoptera and Coleoptera

B) Thysanoptera and Rotifers

C) Rotifers and Coleoptera

D) Lepidopterans and Hymenopterans

Ans: D) Lepidopterans and Hymenopterans



70. The correct series of events representing the development of vertebrate

A) Cleavage, Blastula, Gastrulation, Organogenesis, Neurulation, Growth

B) Cleavage, Blastula, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Organogenesis, Growth

C) Blastula, Gastrulation, Cell migration, Organogenesis, Growth

D) Blastula, Cell migration, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Growth

Ans: B) Cleavage, Blastula, Gastrulation, Neurulation, Organogenesis, Growth



71. Dependent variable in the process of teaching is

A) Teacher B) Student C) Learning experiences D) Learning aids

Ans: B) Student


72. Optacon is a technical aid for

A) Mentally challenged pupils

B) Physically challenged pupils

C) Slow learners

D) Visually challenged pupils

Ans: D) Visually challenged pupils



73. Which among the new type of test items have premises and responses ?

A) Multiple choice test item

B) Matching type test items

C) Alternate response type test items

D) Completion type test items

Ans: B) Matching type test items



74. Epi-position of the epidiascope is used to project the

A) Flat opaque objects

B) Lantern slides

C) Large slides

D) Transparent slides

Ans: A) Flat opaque objects



75. A group technique popularised by A.F. Osborn to develop creative thinking is

A) Panel discussion

B) Brain storming

C) Role playing

D) Group discussion

Ans: B) Brain storming



76. The type of research commonly used in behavioural sciences are

A) Action Research

B) Conceptual Research

C) Qualitative Research

D) All the above

Ans: D) All the above



77. Multistage sampling is a type of

A) Stratified sampling

B) Non-probability sampling

C) Purposive sampling

D) Complex random sampling

Ans: D) Complex random sampling



78. Which one of the following source is not a primary source of data ?

A) Information provided by a person who did not directly observe the event

B) Auto biographies

C) Video recordings of interviews

D) Legislative documents prepared by State Governments

Ans: A) Information provided by a person who did not directly observe the event



79. The URL consists of

A) a protocol

B) a host name

C) the path to the document and the specific file name

D) all the above

Ans: D) all the above



80. Which among the following is the expansion of PPA ?

A) Provisional Patent Agreement

B) Patent Protection Act

C) Patent Protection Application

D) Provisional Patent Application

Ans: D) Provisional Patent Application


81. Who can address the Parliament, being a non member ?

A) Chief Justice

B) Attorney General of India

C) Governor

D) Chief Election Commissioner

Ans: B) Attorney General of India


82. The decision of ____________ is final as far as the nature of a Money Bill is concerned.

A) Prime Minister

B) Vice-President

C) Speaker

D) Chief Justice

Ans: C) Speaker



83. Which among the following is considered as an extra-constitutional body ?

A) The Planning Commission

B) Finance Commission

C) Election Commission

D) Public Service Commission

Ans: A) The Planning Commission



84. The residurary powers in India rest with

A) States

B) Courts

C) Union

D) Both Union and States

Ans: C) Union



85. Choose the correct statement

A) Fundamental Rights are non-justiciable

B) Fundamental Rights are justiciable

C) Directive principles are justiciable

D) Fundamental duties are justiciable

Ans: B) Fundamental Rights are justiciable


86. A comprehensive scheme for prevention of trafficking, rescue and rehabilitation and

re-integration of victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

A)     Ujjwala B) Mahila-E-Haat C) Narisakthi D) Swadhar Greh

Ans: Ujjwala


87. __________ is the social campaign of government of India that aims to create awareness

and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls.

A) Sukanya Samrudhi

B) Dhanalakshmi Yojana

C) Bhagyalakshmi Yojana

D) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Ans: D) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao



88. Name the scheme launched by Union Government to boost community and private

participation in government school.

A) Vidyanjali Scheme

B) Operation Blackboard

C) Vidya Varidhi

D) Anthyodaya

Ans: A) Vidyanjali Scheme



89. A new pension scheme launched by Union Government in 2015 which would benefit

people in unorganised sector

A) Swavalamban

B) Atal Pension Yojana

C) Jeevan Jyothi

 D) Jan Dhan Yojana

Ans: B) Atal Pension Yojana


90. ‘Collective Choice And Social Welfare’ is a famous book written by

A) Walter I. Trattner

B) David Macarov

C) Prabhath Patnaik

D) Amarthya Sen

Ans: D) Amarthya Sen



91. Who has been appointed as the secretary to the President of India ?

A) Rajeev Kumar

B) Sanjay Kothari

C) S. Aparna

D) Dhirendra Swarup

Ans: B) Sanjay Kothari



92. The leader of Guruvayoor Satyagraha

A) T. K. Madhavan

B) K. P. Kesava Menon

C) K. Kelappan

D) C. V. Kunjiraman

Ans: B) K. P. Kesava Menon



93. Which State will hoist the 36th National Games ?

A) Goa

B) Keralam

C) Bihar

D) Hariyana

Ans: A) Goa



94. The International Day of peace was observed on

A) August 20

B) Sept. 20

C) August 21

D) Sept. 21

Ans: D) Sept. 21



95. The author of ‘Advaita Chintapadhathi’

A) Chattambi Swamikal

B) Vaikunda Swamikal

C) Dayananda Swamikal

D) Brahmananda Sivayogi

Ans: A) Chattambi Swamikal

96. Where was the 2017 World Para Athletics championship held ?

A) Beijing B) Paris C) Moscow D) London

Ans: D) London

97. The father of modern Kerala Renaissance Movement.

A) Chattampi Swamikal

B) Sri Narayanaguru

C) Thacaud Ayya

D) Vakkam Moulavi

Ans: B) Sri Narayanaguru


98. Which has been declared by Telangana as the State’s second official language ?

A) Telugu B) English C) Urdu D) Hindi

Ans: C) Urdu

99. Which State launched India’s first electric bus service at high attitude ?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Andhra Pradesh

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Gujarat

Ans: C) Himachal Pradesh 

100. Who is known as Kerala scot ?

A) C. V. Ramanpillai

B) N. Krishnapillai

C) M. T. Vasudevan Nair

D) Vennikulam Gopalakurup

Ans: A) C. V. Ramanpillai

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