Short Notes on Horticulture


Short Notes on Horticulture

·    Grafting is not successful in monocots compared to dicots due to Absence of cambium for secondary growth.

Objective of vegetative propagation:

·         Multiplication of an elite variety

·         Production of ‘true to the type’ plants

·         Cost effective multiplication of plants

In pruning care should be taken to avoid

·         Cutting at internodes

·         Cutting in dry season

·         Cutting in flowering season

Terrarium: A miniature garden grown in glass vessels, bottles and dishes

·         Bonsai Culture: Tap root pruning  - Wiring- Aging

·         The methodology of propagation methods of selected horticultural species by specialized pegging a branch in soil is known as Layering.

·         Commonly practiced artificial vegetative propagation in rubber – budding.

·         The method of vegetative propagation in which the scion is separated from the mother plant only after the establishment of the graft union: Approach grafting

·         Puddling is carried in horticulture to: Reduce percolation of water , Pulverise and levelling soil and Kill weeds.

·         air layering, cutting the bark off the stem, known as girdling is performed for Stimulating root formation just above the point of girdling , Helping in breaking off the stem when it is rooted , Gradually starving the stem.

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