HIV Life Cycle Sequence

 The seven stages of the HIV life cycle are:

HIV Life Cycle Sequence

1) Binding 2) Fusion 3) Reverse Transcription 4) Integration 5) Replication 6) Assembly 7) Budding

1. Binding: HIV virus binds to the host cell.

2. Fusion: The HIV Virus fuses with the cell membrane of the host cell which allows HIV contents

Including RNA, reverse transcriptase, integrals and other proteins enter the cell.

3. Reverse Transcription: Inside the cell, HIV RNA is converted into DNA using reverse transcriptase.

4. Integration: Integrase enzyme allows HIV DNA to be integrated into the host DNA.

5. Replication: HIV can now produce long chains of HIV proteins which can be used to build more HIV.

6. Assembly: HIV proteins and RNA move to surface of cell and are assembled into immature HIV.

7. Budding: Immature HIV is pushed out of the cell and proteases activate immature into mature infectious HIV.

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