Carbohydrates Classification Interactive Activity

Definition: Carbohydrates are bio molecules which are polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones made  up of Carbon C, Hydrogen H and Oxygen O in the ratio (1:2:1)
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Based on functional group. carbohydrates are classified into
  • Aldoses: Carbohydrates with aldehyde(-CHO) functional group Eg: Glucose
  • Ketoses: Carbohydrates with ketone (=C=O) functional group Eg: Fructose
Based on Rotation (Dextro and Levo)
  • Based on stereochemistry of the highest numbered chiral carbon of the Fischer projection.
  • If the hydroxyl group of the highest numbered chiral carbon is pointing to the right, the sugar is designated as D (Dextro: Latin for on the right side). 
  • If the hydroxyl group is pointing to the left, the sugar is  Levo (Levo: Latin for on the left)
  • Most naturally occurring carbohydrates are of the D-configuration.
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