International Red Panda Day | Animal Facts : Red Panda

  • The red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is a bear-like creature with thick russet fur that is slightly larger than a domestic cat. 
  • The abdomen and limbs are black, while the side of the head and above its little eyes are white.
  •  Red pandas are highly skilled and acrobatic animals who prefer to live in trees.
International Red Panda Day  | Animal Facts : Red Panda

  • Red pandas eat mostly leaves and bamboo, but they sometimes eat berries, insects, bird eggs, and small lizards.
  •  The Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China account for over half of the red panda's habitat.They use their long, bushy tails for balance and, presumably, warmth in the winter.
  • Red pandas are important indicators of the vibrant forests in the Eastern Himalayas.
  • Red pandas are not related to giant pandas and were discovered 50 years earlier
  • Red pandas are the only living member of their taxonomic family.
Animal Facts : Red Panda
  •  Every third Saturday in September, the International Red Panda Day is observed. This year, it will be held on September 16, 2023, to raise awareness for red pandas, which are on the verge of extinction

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