Biology Olympiad Practice Test

1. A pedigree depicting the inheritance of a trait in a family is shown. The trait represented is:
Autosomal dominant
Autosomal recessive
X-linked recessive

2.Separation of DNA fragments using agarose gel electrophoresis occurs due to:
Difference in the sequence of the fragments.
Presence of different charges on the fragments.
Difference in the staining properties of the fragments.
Difference in the sizes of the fragments.

3.Which of the following may result in allopatric speciation?
Rising sea levels submerging islands
Polluted waters destroying coral reefs
Torrential rains changing course of wide rivers
Uncontrolled logging destroying forests.

4.If a fluorescing protein is attached to many free ribosomes in a cell and the cell is photographed after a time interval, the colour will appear:
in cytoplasm only
in cytoplasm and along rough endoplasmic reticulum.
in cytoplasm, along rough endoplasmic reticulum and along wall of nucleus
in cytoplasm, along rough endoplasmic reticulum, along wall of nucleus and in the matrix of mitochondria.

5.When a plant cell undergoes expansive growth, the increase in volume is caused mostly by:
uptake of minerals
uptake of water
synthesis of cellulose
synthesis of proteins.

6.A student could make out that a specimen he found in a lake was an arthropod but could not assign it to a class. The organism had two pairs of antennae and compound eyes on stalk. It must belong to the class:

7. Which one of the following genetic disorders can be detected by karyotyping ?
Down syndrome
Huntington’s disease

8.Nitrogen bend” is avoided by diving mammals like whales because
their blood has low partial pressure of Nitrogen at all times
their lungs are filled with nitrogenous air before diving
Peripheral circulation is minimal while diving
they have very low metabolic rate while diving

9.The molecules absorbed and secreted in the lumen by the cells of Malpighian bodies of cockroach are respectively:?
sodium urate and urea
purines and ammonia
ammonia and uric acid
urea and uric acid

10. A frog’s egg is centrifuged to disturb its contents. Which of the following is correct?
abnormal development may occur since the animal pole and vegetal pole are reversed
abnormal development may occur since the gradient of egg contents is disturbed
abnormal development may occur since the grey crescent is shifted horizontally.
abnormal development may occur since the heavier proteins are shifted to the vegetal pole.

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