Animal Cell culture and Transgenic animals Practice Test | Applied Biology

1.Leukemia inhibiting factor has been utilized in animal cell culture for
Stimulating growth of cell
inhibiting differntiation of stem cells
arrest cells at mitosis
inducing morphogenesis

2.For making transgenic animals in frtlized egg the preferred place to insert trans-gene is in
female pronuclei
male pronuclei
cleavage cells

3.Application of gene therapy in clinical trials did NOT succeed due to
poor integration of a gene in the host genome
lack of expression of integrated gene in cells
degradation of gene inside the cell
activation of oncogenes consequent to integration of the gene

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4.To keep them in a totopotent state, embryonic stem cells need to be maintained in a medium supplemented with
growth hormone
leukemia inhibiting factor

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5.The gene whose promoters are extensivley used for production of pharmaceutical proteins in transgenic dairy cattles are

lactalbumin and ovalbumin
lactoglobulin and casein
lactoferrin and transferrin
casein and ovalbumin

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