Environmental Science Practice Tests | NTA UGC NET Exam Questions June 2020

1.One Dobson unit, represents the ozone layer of thickness:
One-hundrendth of a centimeter
One -hundrendth of a millimeter
One -tenth of a centimetre
One thousandth of a millimeter

2.Beside steam, next gas in order of abundance emitted from a volcanic eruption is
sulphate dioxide
Nitrogen dioxide
carbon dioxide
carbon monoxide

3.The transition zone between freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems is known as:
Riparian Zone
Hyphorheic zone
Benthic zone
Epilimnetic zone

4.Soil humic acids are :
Insoluble in alkali
Insoluble in acids
Soluble in acid
Insoluble in both acid and alkali

5.Good absorbers are good emitters. This statement refers to which of the following laws?
Stefan's Law
Planck's law
Kirchhoff's Law
Wien's Displacement Law

6.Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are of great concern because:
Once such compounds are in the vaour state, they are difficult to control in the environment.
Most of them are ozone depleting substances.
They contribute to a general increase in reactive hydrocarbons in the atmosphere
They are less soluble in water

7. A nitrogen fixing actinomycete associated with higher plants is:

8.Basel convention (1989) was designed to
Reduce global waste generation
Determine safe handling measures for hazardous waste
Control hazardous waste generation
Prevent trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste between nations

9.According to Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, a landfill site should be at a distance of how many meters away from a pond?:
200 meters
150 meters
50 meters
100 meters

10. The Bruntland Commsission report was entitled :
Limits to Growth
Our common Future
Tragedy of Commons
Sustainable Development

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