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1.Animal biologist generally uses line transect method for estimating density. It is based on auumption that
The animals do not move as aresult of the presence of the observer
all organisms are in straight line
That all animals in marked transect are seen
organism lack any competition

2.In remote sensing, which one of the following formulae is used for the calculation of normalised difference vegeation index?

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3.In a census for a lake fish, 10 individuals were marked and released. In second sampling after a few days 15 individuals were caught, of which 5 individuals were found marked. The estimated population of tehe fish in lake will be

4.In an expreriment to determine the number of rats in a field, 80 rats were intially captured, marked and released. After one month, 100 rats were captured in same field, of which 20 were previously marked ones. Based on the above observation, estimated population size of the rats in the filed will be

5.A grasshopper population is being assessed by capture release method. On the first day, 100 grasshoppers were captured from a given area in hour time, marked and released. On the next day during recapture, 10 marked and 90 un marked grasshoppers coulbe found in same time perid from same area. What will be the estimated population size in the given area

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