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Kingdom Monera ( Kingdom of Prokaryotes)

Includes all prokaryotic organisms. They are important decomposers and mineralizers.
E coli
E.coli Bacteria
Examples: Bacteria, actinomycetes Filamentous bacteria), Cyano bacteria (Blue green algae)
Monerans can be classified into three major groups:
  1. Eubacteria (True Bacteria)
  2. Cyanobacteria (Blue green algae)
  3. Archaebacteria (Ancient bacteria)
Habit and Habitat:
They are commonly found in water, air, soil, and on living and dead organic matters.
Archae bacteria (ancient bacteria) live under extreme environmental conditions like high temperature(800C) , high salt conditions and in the absence of oxygen etc.
They are microscopic without nucleus and other membrane  bound  organelles. Most of them have a rigid cell wall.
Bacteria show two types of nutrition: Autotrophs and Heterotrophs
They prepare food materials using light energy (photo autotrophs) or energy released from chemical reactions (Chemoautotrophs)
Heterotrophic bacteria  may be parasitic, saprophytic and symbiotic in nature.
Asexual methods (Binary Fission, Endospore formation).
Sexual Methods (Conjugation, transformation, Tranduction)
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