ARS- NET- Exam: Paper I-Basic Plant Sciences

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For Prelim – ARS / NET Examination: 
 (Memory Based Questions)
    1) “Everything else may wait but not agriculture” statement was given by J.L.Nehru                 
2)   Father of White Revolution? Dr.Varghese Kurien
3) National Bio diversity Board is situated in 
    (Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad)
4) Ian Willmunt is associated with- Dolly (first cloned animal)
5) Red Blood Corpuscle formed in 
   (Heart, Liver, Bone marrow, Kidney)
6) Gas having highest green house effect per unit molecular weight basis
               (CO2, CH4, CO, N2O)
7)   IPR stands for Intellectual Property Right
8)  Name of Vitamin –C is known as  Ascorbic acid
9)   Water soluble vitamins are  B & C (fat soluble vitamins are A,D,E,K,)
10)  Which element is deficient in milk-Iron
11)  Blue revolution is related with (Potato, milk, aquaculture, fertilizers)
12) One bale of cotton is 170kg
13)  Climacteric fruit -Apple
14)  Which GM crops occupies largest area in world-Soyabean
15) Genome of which plant (s) has completely sequenced- Arabidopsis & Rice
16)  Edible part of apple: Thalamus
17)  Birdflu is caused by Influenza A virus sub type:H5N1
18)  Central Tobacco Research Institute -Rajhmundry
19)  Farmers day-December 23
20)  Operation flood is associated with (floods, crops, water, milk)
21)  Khaira disease in rice occur due to the deficiency of Zinc
22)  PCR invented by Kary Mullis
23) The main function of endoplasmic reticulam (rough ER) is protein synthesis
24)  Beaufort Scale is used to measure-wind pressure/strength
25)  The shortest phase of all mitosis phases is Anaphase
26)  Who coined the term Gene: Johansson
27)  The longest mitotic phase is prophase
28)  The main site for dark reaction of photosynthesis is stroma
29)  Rate of transpiration is determined by: Ganong’s potometer
30)  Apical bud dominance is caused by which hormone :Auxin                               
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