ARS Main Descriptive Previous Questions on Plant Pathology (2006)

Previous question papers
1.    Define disease .How these are classified?
Classify diseases on the basis of spread and severity of infection, giving suitable examples.
2.    Name the scientist who introduced Plant Pathology in India.
Mention his important contributions
3.    How does crop disease forecasting help to control diseases?
Enlist the epiphytotics which occurred in the past.
4.    What is Plant quarantine?
How it operates in controlling plant diseases?
Name the plant diseases which have been introduced before and after the enforcement of plant quarantine in India.

5.    What is biological control of plant pathogens?
Give some suitable examples where it has been successfully used to control diseases.
6.    Define fungicide. Classify fungicide as per their mode of action and use
Which are immune identification techniques?
Describe ELISA protocol.
7.    How will you purify the fungal isolates from bacterial contaminants?
Describe in detail occurrence, symptoms, etiology, epidemiology and schedule of control of bacterial blight of Cotton or Rice
8.    Give a detailed account of rust of wheat, with respect to perpetuation, races, resistance and chemical management
Write short notes on
a)     Nematodes
b)     Satellite viruses
c)     Orobanche
d)     Polyetic epidemic
e)     Apple scab
f)      Sheath blight of Rice
g) Marker Assisted Selections for disease resistance
9. Explain the systems, etiology, epidemiology and management of ‘Sigatoka’ or ‘Bunchy top’ of Banana.
Explain the symptoms, etiology and integrated management of Rhizome rot of Ginger.
10.Enlist major contributions of following scientist:
a)     Anton de Bary
b)    E.F. Smith
c)    P.A. Saccardo
d)    M.J. Thirumalachar
e)    P.A. Micheli
f)     C.D. Mayee
a) Enlist various phanerogamic parasites of crop plants.
Describe in detail the management of Cuscuta sp. in crop plants.
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