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1. During development of embryo in plants, PIN proteins are involved in   
     (CSIR, December-2011)          
            a) establishment of auxin gradients
            b) regulation of gene expression
            c) Induction of programmed cell death
            d) induction of cell division                                                                       
2.Among the following which is not involved in plant defense signaling pathway         
  (CSIR, December-2008)
             a)giberrellic acid
            b) ethylene
            c) salysilic acid
             d) jasmonicacid
 3.Factor responsible for formation of early embryonic axis during early developmental pathway of plants is                                               
(CSIR, December-2008)
            a) auxin gradient
            b) orientation of embryo sac
 c) plane of cell division
            d) morphogens                                                                                               
 4. The dwarf pea mutant (le) used by Mendel was defective in which of the following enzyme involved in Gibberellins biosynthesis                
(CSIR, June-2011)
a) ent-Kaurene synthase
b) GA 3 beta hydroxylase
c) GA 20 oxidase
 5. Following are some statements regarding Plant growth hormones                    
     (CSIR, December-2011)
A. ethylene regulates abscission
B. gibberrilins do not play any role in flowering
C. auxin and cytokinin promotes cell division
D. over expression of cytokinin oxidase would promote root growth
E. ABA inhibits root growth and promote shoot growth at low water potential
F. ABA promotes leaf senescence independent of ethylene
Which one of the following combination of the above statement is correct?   
a) A, C & F
b) B,C&D 
c) D,E & F
d) B,D & E 

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 6) Which of the following is a gaseous hormone?   

 a) Auxin
 b) Cytokinin
 c) Gibberllins
 d) Ethylene

 7. Apical bud dominance is caused by which hormone?
 a) Gibberllins
 b) Ethylene
 c) Auxin
 d) Cytokinin 

 8. Fruit ripening hormone?
a) Auxin
b) Ethylene
c) Gibberllins
d) Cytokinin

9. Shedding of plant parts is due to 
 a) Auxin 
 b) ABA
 c) Cytokinin
 d) Gibberllins

 10. The precursor of IAA is


 11. Formation of male flowers is induced by
 b) Auxin

12. Stress hardening in plants can be active by which hormone

Answers: 1-a, 2-a, 3-a, 4-a, 5-a, 6-d,7-c,8-b,9-b,10-a,11-a, 12-c

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