Vernalin, Florigen, Caulines, Brassinosteroids & Morphactins

  • Plant hormone.  
  • This hormone is produced on Vernalization (Chilling treatment of plants) and hence the name 'Vernalin'.
  • Vernalin induces flowering in plants. 
  • Flowering hormone.
  •  Groups of hormones specific to special regions of plants.
  • Rhizocaline is root forming.
  • Caulocaline is shoot forming
  • Phyllocaline is mesophyll tissue forming hormones.
  •  Synthetic growth hormones
  • They bring about fundamental action on morphogenesis and hence they are called morphactins.
  • Chemically :9-hydroxy fluorine 9-carboxylic acid.
  • Generally they are growth inhibitors.
Brassinosteroids (Brassins)
  • Brassinosteroids are complex group of lipids synthesized from the sterol campesterol.
  • Compounds containing two or more amine groups.
  • Precursor- Lysine & Arginine
  • Ex: Putrescine, Spermidine,Spermine 
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