ARS-NET Questions: Plant Physiology

 Plant Physiology

1. Site of oxidative electron transport in cell is 
  • Mitochondria
2.Growing of plant in soil less nutrient solution is referred as
  • Hydroponics 
3. Pollen germination requires which of the following element?
  • Boron
4. The main site of dark reaction of photosynthesis 
  • Stroma
  • Site of Light reaction of photosynthesis:Grana
5. Which amino acid accumulates under water stress condition in plant
  •      Proline
6. Examples of C3 Plants
  •   Rice, Wheat,  Potato
7. Examples of C4 Plants
  •    Maize, Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Sugarcane
8. The precursor of Cytokinins is
  • Isopentenyl adenine 
       For more  about, refer our post: Cytokinins

9. The precursor of ABA is
  • Violaxanthin
For more  about, refer our post:Abscisic Acid

10. The precursor of Brassinosteroids is
  • Campesteroll
For more  about, refer our post :Brassinosteroids-Vernalin-Florigen-Caulines
11. Guttation take place through
  • Hydathode
12. Pomato( A hybrid of potato and tomato) is produced by
  • Protoplasmic Fusion


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