ICAR ARS NET Questions on Agricultural Biotechnology

61. During Agrobacterium infections the plant cell begins to synthesize an Arginine derivative called as
  • Opines
62. Enzyme used for making cDNA
  • Reverse transcriptase
63. Reagent used for visualizing DNA?
  • Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
64. Enzyme used in PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • Taq polymerase (Taq: Thermus aquaticus)
65. PCR invented by
  • Kary Mullis
66. In PCR, the double stranded DNA is generally denatured by
  • Temperature
67. DBM paper is used for
  • Northern Blotting
68. Number of base pair units in a single turn of DNA is
  • 10
69. Father of Plant Tissue culture
  • Haberlandt
70. A good molecular marker must be
  • Polymorphic, Heritable
71. Acid fast staining used for which bacteria?
  • Mycobacterium
72. Inhibitory action of Penicillin is
  • Cell wall synthesis
73. DNA staining is done by
  • Feulgen staining
74. The most widely used chemical for protoplast fusion, as fusogens, is
  • PEG(Poly Ethylene Glycol)
75. In order to obtained virus free plants through tissue culture the best method is
  • Meristem culture
76. Endochitinase can be used as an
  • Antifungal
77. Flavr Savr is a variety of
  • tomato
78. The chemical used as an inducer of the vir operons is
  • Acetosyringone
79.The restriction enzyme useful to the molecular biologist belongs to
  • Type II
80. Which amino acids can stabilize protein structure by forming covalent cross –links between polypeptide chains ?
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