CSIR UGC JRF NET Life Sciences - Botany Previous Questions

1. Among the following which is a gaseous hormone (June 2006)

a) Ethylene
b) Abscissic acid
c) Gibberllic acid
d) Auxins
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CSIR Previous Questions
2. Diffusion of gas in plant cells is by (June 2006)
a) plasmodesmata
b) symplast
c) apoplast
d) passive transport

3. Among the following which hormone can induce flowering in short day plants grown under long duration of light? (June 2006)
a) gibberllic acids
b) auxins
c) cytokinin
d) abscissic acid

4. The main alkaloid obtained for Dioscorea deltoids in (June 2006)
a) Diosgenin
b) Digitoxin
c) Quinone
d) Serpentine

5. Which ion gradient is formed across thylakoid membrane if a light is incident on isolated thylakoid? (June 2006)
a) Cl-
b) H+
c) Na+
d) Both Na+ and H+

6. Gibberllic acid activates α amylase activity in (Dec2006)
a) cotyledons
b) endosperm
c) aleuronic layer
d) embryo

7. Which hormone induces formation of late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) protein during seed maturation?(Dec2006)
a) Ethylene
b) Cytokinin
c) Abscisic acid
d) Gibberllic acid

8.  Which  of the following mono chromatic lights are more suitable for growth and development of plants ( Jun 2008)
a) Red, far red
b)  Red , Blue, far red
c) Red, green
d) Blue, far red

9. Pitcher plant Nepenthes alata would be expected to be ( Jun 2008)
a) NH3 transporter
b) random drift
c) neutral mutation
d)  Point mutations

10.  Abscissic acid can be degraded by (Dec 2007)
a) Oxidation
b) light and oxidation
c) oxidation and reduction
d) oxidation and conjugation

11. Among the following which is not involved in plant defence signalling pathway (Dec 2008)
a) Gibberllic acid
b) Ethylene
c) Salisylic acid
d) Jasmonic acid

12. Factors responsible for formation of early embryonic axis during early developmental pathway of plants is (Dec 2008)
a) Auxin gradient
b) Plane of cell division
c) Morphogenes
d) Orientation of embryosac

13. In salt tolerance plant the excess salt is transported to vacuole by (Dec 2008)
a) Na-H+ antiporter
b) Na+ K+ pump
c) Na- Cl symporter
d) Na-H+ Pump

14.  Biodiesel is obtained from (Dec 2007)
a) Calotropis
b) Catharanthus
c) Jatropa curcus
d) Acacia

15. The special roots termed as pneumatophores are visible at (Dec 2007)
a) Epiphytes
b) Oceans
c) Mangroves
d) Hydrophytes
16.  Synthesis of Betalnin is characteristics of family?
a) Chenopodiaceae
b) Asteraceae
c) Solanaceae
d) Caryophyllaceae

17. Biodiesel is obtained from
a) Calotropis
b) Catharanthus
c) Jatropha
d) Atropa belladonna

18. Which anticancerous drug is obtained from Catharathus roseus?
a) Taxol
b) Colchicine
c) Serpentine
d) Vincristine
1.                  a) Ethylene
2.                  b) symplast
3.                  a) gibberllic acids
4.                  a) Diosgenin
5.                  b) H+
6.                  c) aleuronic layer
7.                  c) Abscisic acid
8.                  b) Red , Blue, far red
9.                  a) NH3 transporter
10.              d) oxidation and conjugation
11.              a) Gibberllic acid
12.              a) Auxin gradient
13.              a) Na-H+ antiporter
14.              c) Jatropa curcus
15.              c) Mangroves
16.              d) Caryophyllaceae
17.              c)Jatropha
18.              d) Vincristine 
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