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CSIR Previous Questions
1. In hemoglobin efficiency for oxygen increases then there is (June 2006)
a) Low pO2 
b) High pCO2
c) Low pCO2
d) High pO2

2. Aldosterone is involved in (June 2006)
a) Electrolyte balance
b) Carbohydrate metabolism
c) Growth and development
d) Fat metabolism

3. Insulin resistance females generally have problem in ovulation because (June 2006)
a) The elevated androgens cause an increase in free estrogens which results in a decrease in follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
b) Ovary become non-functional
c) Amount of free estrogen decreases
d) The androgens are decreased thus follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is increased.

4. Pearl Oysters are obtained from the genus (Dec 2007)
a) Oysteria
b) Mytillus
c) Pila
d) Pinctada

5.  Anaemia due to lack of hemoglobin is associated with  (June 2007)
a) Vitamin B6
b)  calcium deficiency
c) vitamin B12
d) Iron deficiency

6.  Fat soluble vitamins involved in bone formation and blood clotting are (June 2007)
a) Vit D and Vit K
b) Vit B and Vit K
c) Vit A and Vit K
d) Vit C and Vit K

7. Concentration of urine in mammals depends on (June 2007)
a) length of Glomerulus
b) Length of Henle’s loop
c) Osmotic pressure of blood
d) Size of organism

8. Uricotelism is an adaptation for (Jun, 2010)
a) Conserving water
b) Conserving salt
c) Marine habitats
d) High altitude

9.  Hypertrophy in anterior pituitary in adult lead to (Jun, 2010)
a) Gigatism
b) dwarfinism
c)  acromegaly
d) cretinism

10. Major weight of human body is due to (Jun, 2009)
a) Carbon
b) oxygen
c) phosphorus
d) nitrogen

11.  Which of the following is not correctly matched (Dec, 2008)
a) Porifera-Chanocytes
b) Arthropods- Malphigian tubules
c) Annelids- Citellum
d) Molluscs-Cnidocytes

12.  Which phylum is characterized by absence of body symmetry,no tissue, organ and lack of nervous system? (Jun, 2010)
a) Porifera
b) Cnidaria
c) Pteniphora
d) Rhyzophora

13.  The specialized structure pectin for clear eye sight is characteristic feature of (Dec, 2008)
a) Birds
b) Amphibian
c) Aquatic mammals
d) Nocturnal mammals

14.  In brain meninges are absent at (Jun, 2010)
a) Dura matter
b) Grey matter
c) Pia matter
d) Archnoid matter

15.  Vector for transmission of disease Kalazar is (Dec, 2008)
a) Anophelus
b) Glossina
c)  Ades
d) Phlebotomus
  1. a) Low pO2
  2. a) Electrolyte balance
  3. a) The elevated androgens cause an increase in free estrogens which results in a decrease in follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  4. d) Pinctada
  5. d) Iron deficiency
  6. a) Vit D and Vit K
  7. b) Length of Henle’s loop
  8. a) Conserving water
  9. c) acromegaly
  10. b) oxygen
  11. d) Molluscs-Cnidocytes
  12. d) Rhyzophora
  13. a) Birds
  14. b) Grey matter
  15. d) Phlebotomus

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