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1. If the bacteria doubles itself in 5 minutes, what would be number of bacteria at end of 20 minutes if you start with 4 bacteria (June 2006)
a) 64
b) 32
c) 48
d) 16

2. The percentage of protein coding sequence in E.coli is (June 2006)
a) 2%
b) 0.2%
c) 70%
d) 30%

3. Among the following which is considered as the best indicator of water pollution(June 2006)
a) Bacillus
b) Clostridium
c) E.coli
d) Paramecium

4. The F+ segments of bacteria may be transferred to F- bacteria by the process of (June 2006)
a) Conjugation
b) transformation
c) transduction
d) fragmentation

5. It has been observed that in bacterial colonies bacteria often secrete toxins at high population density to check the population size. This phenomenon is termed as (June 2006)
a) population control
b) Allelopathy
c) intra specific competition
d) Quorum sensing

6. If bacterial genome and plasmid are allowed to replicate in same manner then among the following which is characteristic feature of meiosis I (June 2006)
a) bacteria genome will replicate faster
b) plasmid will replicate faster
c) both will replicate in same time
d) depends on GC content

7. A prophage is (Dec 2006)
a) DNA of lysogenic phage inserted into host chromosome
b) is a stage of cell cycle
c) lambda phage DNA
d) plasmid

8. Bacteria propels with the help of (June, 2008)
a) myosin
b) actin
d) flagella made of flagellin

9. In operons, if repressor binds to operator, it will lead to (June, 2008)
a) initiation of transcription
b) enhancement of transcription
c) blocks transcription
d) differential gene expression

10. The glycocalyx around cell membrane can be determined by? (June, 2009)
a) Iodine
b) crystal violet
c) lectins
d) saffranin

11. Among the following which activity is absent in bacterial DNA polymerase I (June, 2006)
a) 3’-5’ exonucleases activity
b) 5’-3’ exonucleases activity
c) 3’-5’ polymerase activity
d) 5’-3’ polymerase activity

12. Transduction has been used extensively for genome mapping for bacteria, which of the following process is useful for gene mapping? (June 2009)
a) bacterial lysis
b) generalised transduction
c) specialized transduction
d) site specific recombination

13. Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes disease by entering into host cell and not allowing the endosome to mature into (June, 2009)
a) ER
b) Lysosome
c) peroxisome
d) granulocytes

14. Exponential growth in bacteria would be expected during (June, 2009)
a) lag phase
b) stationary phase
c) log phase
d) deceleration pahse

15. Sendai virus enters host cell by (june,2009)
a) phagocytosis
b) Receptor mediated endocytosis
c) cell fusion
d) cell fusion
  1. a) 64
  2. c) 70%
  3. c) E.coli
  4. a) Conjugation
  5. d) Quorum sensing
  6. b) plasmid will replicate faster
  7. a) DNA of lysogenic phage inserted into host chromosome
  8. d) flagella made of flagellin
  9. c) blocks transcription
  10. c) lectins
  11. c) 3’-5’ polymerase activity
  12. b) generalised transduction
  13. b) Lysosome
  14. c) log phase
  15. c) cell fusion
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