CSIR-UGC-NET-JRF Life Sciences- Immunology Previous Questions (Unit 4 Innate and Adaptive Immune System)

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Immunology Notes
1. Mast cells have receptor for (June 2006)
a) IgE
b) IgA
c) IgG
d) IgM
2. Secondary immune response is generated due to (June 2006)
a) naive B cells
b) Memory cells
c) naive T cells
d) NK cells
3. Which of the following cell possess poly morphonucleus (June 2007)
a) B- cells
b) Neutrophils
c) macrophage
d) erythrocyte
4. Histamine secretion by degranulation from which cell leads to immediate hypersensitivity (Dec 2006)
a) B cells
b) T helper cells
c) basophils
d) mast cells

5.Which cell is involved in antigen clearance non-specifically be engulfing them ( Dec 2006)
a) B cells
b) cytotoxic T cells
c) T cells
d) Phagocytic cells
6. In SCID, there is (June 2007)
a) Low IgM
b) Low number fo nueterophils
c) Low number of T cells or b cells
d) Low number of macrophages
7. Which of the following vaccine does not provide life time protection (June 2006)
a) Polio
b) Tetanus
c) DPT
d) small pox

8. Lymphatic systems are primarily associated with (Dec, 2007)
a) Lymph recycling
b) phagocytosis
c) acquired immunity
d) innate immunity
9. Haematopoietic stem cells are found in (Dec, 2007)
a) skin
b) spleen
c) bone marrow
d) payers patches
10. Goucher disease where glucocerebroside are not degraded is related to (June 2006)
a)golgi apparatus
b) ER
c) Lysosomes
d) peroxisomes
  1. a) IgE
  2. b) Memory cells
  3. b) Neutrophils
  4. d) mast cells
  5. d) Phagocytic cells
  6. c) Low number of T cells or b cells
  7. b) Tetanus
  8. c) acquired immunity
  9. c) bone marrow
  10. c) Lysosomes
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