Difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Genetics

The general studies of qualitative  and quantitative traits are called qualitative genetics and quantitative genetics. The major difference between the two are following:

 Quantitative vs Qualitative Genetics
Qualitative Genetics
1. Characters of kind
2. Discontinuous variation; distinct phenotypic classes
3. Single gene effects
4. Concerned with individual mating's and their progeny
5. Analyzed by making counts and ratios
6. Examples of Qualitative Genetics:
  • Round or wrinkled seeds of pea
  • Horned or hornless condition in cattles
  • Black or white coat of guinea pigs
Quantitative Genetics
1.Characters of degree
2.Continuous variation; phenotypic measurements form a spectrum
3. Polygenic control; effects of single genes too slight to be detected
4.Concerned with population of organisms consisting of all possible kinds of mating's
5.Statistical analyses give estimates of population parameters such as the mean and standard deviation.
6. Examples of Quantitative Genetics
  • crop yield
  • weight gain in animals
  • blood pressure
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