AP Biology Exam

Topic outline

AP Biology
I. Molecules and Cells (25%)
A. Chemistry of Life (7%)
  1. Water
  2. Organic molecules in organisms
  3. Free energy changes
  4. Enzymes
B. Cells (10%)
C. Cellular Energetics (8%)
  1. Coupled reactions
  2. Fermentation and cellular respiration
  3. Photosynthesis
II. Heredity and Evolution (25%)
A. Heredity (8%)
  1. Inheritance patterns
B. Molecular Genetics (9%)
  1. Gene regulation
  2. Mutation
  3. Viral structure and replication
  4. Nucleic acid technology and applications
C. Evolutionary Biology (8%)
  1. Early evolution of life
  2. Evidence for evolution
  3. Mechanisms of evolution
III. Organisms and Populations (50%)
A. Diversity of Organisms (8%)
  1. Evolutionary patterns
  2. Survey of the diversity of life
  3. Phylogenetic classification
  4. Evolutionary relationships
B. Structure and Function of Plants and Animals (32%)
  1. Reproduction, growth, and development
  2. Structural, physiological, and behavioral adaptations
  3. Response to the environment
C. Ecology (10%)
  1. Population dynamics
  2. Communities and ecosystems
  3. Global issues

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  2. Wts this ap biology can u plz tell more abt this exam and its scope after qualifying

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