GATE Biotechnology Questions

16. Protein binding regions of DNA are identified by one of the following techniques
a) Finger printing
b) Foot printing
c) Southern blotting
d) Western blotting
  Ans: (b) Foot Printing
  • Foot Printing: The identification of a protein-binding site on a DNA molecule by determining which phosphodiester bonds are protected from cleavage by DNase I.
  • Southern Blotting: The technique used for identifying specific DNA fragment using labelled probe.
17.Si RNA (s) interfere at
a) Transcriptional level
b) Post -transcriptional level
c) DNA replication level
d)Translational level
Ans: (b) Post -transcriptional level
a) Help to increase the growth rate of plant
b) Help in plant reproduction processes
c) Provide defence mechanisms against microbial attack
d) Make the plant susceptible to unfavourable conditions
Ans: (c) Provide defence mechanisms against microbial attack
19. Mobile genetic elements present in human genome are
R) P elements
S) IS elements
(a) Q, R (b) P, Q  (c) P, R (d) Q, S
Ans: (b) P, Q
20. Meristems escape virus invasion because
a)Vascular system is absent in the meristem
b) of low metabolic activity in the meristem
c) of low endogenous auxin level
d) the virus inactivating system has low activity in the meristem
Ans: b) of low metabolic activity in the meristem
21. The enzyme that can be used in 5’end labeling of DNA are
P) Alkaline phosphatase
Q) DNA ligase
R) Terminal transferase
S) Polynucleotide kinase
(a) P, S (b) R, Q (c) P, R (d) R, S
Ans: (a) P, S
22. Identify the natural plant growth regulators from the following list
P) Zeatin
Q) Benzylamino purine (BAP)
R) Indole Acetic Acid (IAA)
S)  2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)
(a)P, Q (b) Q, S (c) P, R(d) R,S
Ans: c) P, R
23. Cells of meristemoid are best described as
a) differentiated and non dividing
b) Dedifferentiated and dividing
c) differentiated and dividing
d) dedifferentiated and non dividing
Ans: c) differentiated and dividing
24. Ultra filtration process cannot be used for
a)Fractionation of Proteins
c) Harvesting of cells
d)Selective removal of solvents
Ans: c) Harvesting of cells
25. The number of replicons in a typical mammalian cell is
a) 40-200
b) 400
c) 1000-2000
d) 50000-100000
Ans: a) 40-200
26. What product will result from complete hydrolysis of soluble dextran
a) Sucrose only
b) Fructose only
c) Glucose &Fructose only
d) Glucose only
Ans: d) Glucose only
27. The mobility of DNA in agarose gel electrophoresis is solely based on its
a) Charge
b) Conformation
c) Size
d) None of these
Ans: c) Size
28. Which of the following fluorescent probes is used to monitor the progress of amplification of Real Time PCR?
a) SYBR Green
c) Cyan Blue
d) Rhodamine
Ans: b) FITC
29. Expression of which of the following reporter genes does not require addition of specific substrate for detection
a) Luciferase
b) β- Glucuronidase
c) β-Glucosidase
d) Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)
Ans: a) Luciferase
30. Zinc fingers are characteristic of
(a) Blood clotting Proteins
(b) RNA Chaperones
(c) DNA binding proteins
(d) Lysosomal hydrolyses
Ans: DNA binding proteins
  • Chaperons: proteins that assist in proper folding of proteins.

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