ARS NET Previous Questions on Plant Breeding

ARS NET exam questions
1.  Differentiate between male sterility and self incompatibilities? Describe various types of male sterility systems ?

2. Define vertical and horizontal disease resistance? Describe and differentiate the VR and HR through different parameters.

3. Define scaling test? Describe importance of scaling test in crop improvement in plant breeding?

4. What is molecular marker? Describe molecular markers role in plant breeding in crop importance?

5. Define genotype environmental interactions? How is G X E interaction important in crop important.

6. Define combining ability? Define its genetic basis and method for estimating SCA in diallel mating system?

7. Define  recurrent selection? Define different types of recurrent selection and what is role of recurrent set and explain SSCA.

8.  Describe the role of plant protection variety and Farmer’s right in Indian seed order?

9. What is Bt cotton effect and prospects of Bt Cotton in India.

10. What is back cross? In what condition back cross utilized in crop improvement in plant breeding. Define genetic basis of back crossing?

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