Chromosome classification based on position of centromere and function

We have discussed a lot about about chromosomes in previous posts. 
Chromosomes based on position of centromere
In this post we are limiting our discussion to classification of chromosomes based on position of centromere and function 
Based on Position of Centromere
1.Metacentric: centromere in the middle forming two equal sized arms
2.Submetacentric:  centromere near the middle forming two unequal arms, one slightly longer than the other
3.Acrocentric:  centromere near the tip forming two unequal arms, one much shorter (p arm) than the other (q arm)
4.Telocentric:  centromere at the tip and a single arm
Based on function
1.Autosomes: contains genes that controls non-sexual or somatic characters

2.Sex chromosomes: contains genes that controls sexual  characters


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