Higher Secondary School Teacher - Zoology Exam Questions

1.   A technique for identifying the nucleic acid sequence bound by a DNA or RNA binding protein is
a) Blue printing
b) Finger Printing
c) Foot Printing
d) Polymerase Chain Reaction
2. Overproduction of which one of the eicasanoids causes asthmatic attack
a) Prostaglandin
b) Leukotriene
c) Phosphocholine
d) Thromoboxane
3. In Lymphoid leukemia there is abnormal increase of
a) Eosinophil
b) Basophil
c) Monocyte
d) Neutrophil
4. EEG was discovered by
a) Hans Berger
b) Jeffrey
c)  Purcell
d) Jenner
5. The endocrine gland cells present in the connective tissue between seminiferous tubules are
a) Sertoli cells
b) Leydig cells
c) Spermatogonia
d) Sperm mother cells
6. Regeneration in Hydra is an example of
a) Morphallaxis
c) Superfluous regeneration
d) Epimorphosis
7. The process of causing  abortion of a foetus due to the presence of a strange male is called
a) Baldwin effect
b) Hamilton’ s rule
c) Bohr effect
d) Bruce Effect

8. The enzyme used in the PCR technique is

a) Restriction enzymes
b) RNA polymerase
c)  Taq polymerase
d)  Reverse Transcriptase
9. A family of integral proteins which provide channels for water reabsorption in the proximal renal tubule during urine formation is named
a)  Angiogenin
b)  Valinomycin
c)  Calmodulin
d) Aquaporin
10. Failure to make an immune response following stimulation with a potential antigen is
a) Anergy
b) Avidity
c)  Allergy
d)  Atopy
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  1. c) Foot Printing :The technique of identifying the site in a DNA duplex to which a protein is bound ; binding of the protein protects the site from nuclease action.
  2. b) Leukotriene
  3. c) Monocyte
  4. a) Hans Berger
  5. b) Leydig cells
  6. a) Morphallaxis
  7. d) Bruce Effect
  8. c) Taq polymerase
  9. d) Aquaporin
  10. a) Anergy: It refers to the failure to mount a full immune response against a target.

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