Non Vocational Biology Teacher Exam Questions

1. Name the toxin produced by Bacillus thuringiensis that kill larvae of insects
a) Dry Protein
b) Cry protein
c) Bacillin
d)  Coumarin
2. Programmed cell death is called
a) Apoptosis
b) Lysis
c) Apoplast
d) Symplast
3. How many polypeptide chains are present in Rubisco
a) 10
b) 14
c) 16
d) 18
4. Mineral element present in middle lamellae is
a) Cu
b) Ca
c) P
d) Zn
5. The name auxin was coined by
a) Went
b) Skoog
c) Kurasowa
d) Biggins
6. Who proposed mass flow hypothesis
a) Curtis
b) Munch
c) J.C. Bose
d) Dixon and Jolly
7. Which is the sunshine vitamin?
a) Vitamin D
b) Vitamin A
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin E

8. What is the morphology of potato?

a) Root tuber
b) stem tuber
c) Fruit
d) Bulb
9. Which of the following is a gaseous plant regulator
a) ABA
b) GA
c) Kinetin
d) Ethylene
10. Gooseberry belongs to the family
a) Lycopersicum
b) Amaranthus
c) Pedialnthus
d) Lycopersicum
For more Biology Multiple Choice Questions 
1. b) Cry protein
2. a) Apoptosis
3. c) 16
4.b) Ca
5. a) Went
6. b) Munch
7.a) Vitamin D
8. b) stem tuber
9. d) Ethylene
10. b) Amaranthus

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